Parliament official linked to funding al-Shabab threatens legal action

The key Parliament member controversially accused of funding the Somali al-Shabab militants has announced he will take legal action to defend his reputation and that of the Pumwani Riadha mosque, where he is a management committee member.

The accused, Ali Abdulmajid, has written to the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and requested they investigate the accusations made by the UN Monitoring Group.

He insists the UN report has seriously damaged his reputation and plans to take action.

Abdulmajid stated, “It is unfortunate that some people are treating the report as the Gospel truth without recourse to proper investigations by our state agencies. In fact, I want first to advise all Kenyans that the UN report is just another report. I am a law abiding and a loyal Kenyan committed to upholding of the rule of law as well as the Constitution,” he said via The Standard Digital.

He added: “I am not saying that we should turn a blind eye to criminal elements amongst us; those must be dealt with as they should with the full force of the law. All I am asking is that Kenya, being a sovereign Republic with working constitutional institutions, must never allow other western bodies to freely trample on its citizens' rights and get away with it.”

He emphasised his innocence, stating,  “I assure you that I have no involvement whatsoever with any criminal group both local and foreign,” he wrote in the letter.  "I am a law-abiding citizen whose intention is solely to serve – as I have done for the last eleven solid years – his fellow countrymen in this humble opportunity as an officer of Parliament.”, via The Standard Digital.