The richest Kenyan pastors

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The richest Kenyan pastors

They receive hefty remuneration for preaching the gospel to church goers. See gallery

Some of Kenya’s pastors are ranked amongst the most powerful and wealthiest public figures in the country. Many of them wear designer suits, drive luxurious vehicles and go on family vacations to the most expensive destinations. Pastors have been able to get rich beyond wildest expectations mainly because demand for spiritual nourishment has skyrocketed in the recent past. People are more than willing to pay tithe, give offerings, gifts and even plant the controversial ‘seeds’ in excess. This trend also explains the rise of numerous churches; some having genuine intentions but others which have been found to be scams. Here are the richest Kenyan pastors.

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Bishop Allan Kiuna

He is the founder of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) and husband to Rev. Kathy Kiuna. JCC started as a small church with only six members but it now commands a gigantic following of more than 5,000 members. The Kiunas own several homes with one of their most lavish being the mansion in Runda, Nairobi that is estimated to worth several million dollars. Bishop Allan Kiuna is also a columnist at The Nairobian while Rev. Kathy Kiuna hosts a talk show dubbed Woman Without Limits that’s aired on NTV.

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Pastor Thomas Wahome

Pastor Thomas Wahome lives a flashy lifestyle. He owns numerous vehicles including a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz and an Audi. He is the founder of the Helicopter of Christ Ministries which pays several local TV stations to air their sermons. Apart from the Bible, the pastor also carries a licensed firearm which he never leaves behind during his ministries. Church tithes, offerings and seeds planted every Sunday at his sanctuary amount to more than a million shillings a month according to a report by Standard Digital.

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Prophet David Owuor

Prophet David Owuor has proven his legitimacy by putting false prophets to shame repeatedly. He’s widely considered one of the most gifted men of God on the job as he appears to work towards cohesion and national integration. This can be seen through the peace healing crusades that he holds across the country. Multitudes of thousands usually turn up just to catch a glimpse of him. When arriving to deliver sermons, his wealthy status becomes evident. The prophet rides in a convoy that consists of sleek Mercedes Benz cars and he’s often mistaken for the president because of the entourage.

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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

She was born in 22nd December 1961. From the humble beginnings of a street preacher, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has risen to a higher than expected level. She is the founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries. The bishop hit headlines recently when she unveiled plans to build a replica of the American twin towers along Haille Selassie Avenue, Nairobi. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru tried her hand in politics and succeeded at clinching the Starehe Constituency seat in 2007. She is also a former assistant Housing Minister.

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Brother Paul Kamlesh Pattni

Anyone familiar with the Goldenberg gemstones scandal knows Kamlesh Pattni pretty well. He served a jail term in Kamiti Maximum Prison and was forced to surrender the Grand Regency Hotel which has been renamed to Laico Hotel. He was acquitted over the scandal in April, 2013. After the dust settled, he got saved and opened his own church. Although he failed in politics and cannot be compared to other fiery pastors like Bishop Pius Muiru, Brother Paul Kamlesh Pattni is wealthy by any standard of measurement.

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Bishop Pius Muiru

He’s a renowned preacher who delivers blazing sermons where lots of healings occur. Together with his wife Pastor Lucy Muiru, they founded the Maximum Miracle Centre which regularly convenes at Uhuru Park, Nairobi for crusades. Many other reputable Kenyan pastors like Bishop Jonah Obonyo, Bishop Shadrack Ochuotho and Dr. Wilfred Lai vouch for Bishop Pius Muiru. This has enabled his ministry to grow incredibly in terms of church members and monetary value. There are four services held every Sunday at Maximum Miracle Centre.

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Bishop Mark Kariuki

During his early childhood, he lived in abject poverty and couldn’t even afford shoes or decent clothes. He later on became a teacher, then a deputy head teacher before finally heeding God’s instruction of teaching his word. At the moment, Bishop Mark Kariuki is one of the best dressed pastors in Kenya who always sports expensive designer apparel. He wedded his current wife Pastor Joyce Kariuki in a lavish ceremony. It had more than 6,000 guests in attendance. He’s the founder of the Life Celebration Centre that has approximately 10, 000 members.

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Evangelist Teresia Wairimu

The outspoken evangelist Teresia Wairimu is a respected woman of substance indeed. She was born on 15th November 1957 in Waithaka. Her grandfather was a Paramount Chief. She was born in royalty and didn’t face a harsh upbringing like most others in her career path but one of her worst moments was when she got divorced. Before launching the Faith Evangelistic Ministry, the pastor used to preach at Uhuru Park where she gradually built her tens of thousands following.